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Itchy Bottom / Pruritus Ani

Having an itchy bottom affects around 5% of the UK population. There are a multitude of potential causes (so do always ask your Doctor’s opinion) but Clean Cheek’s anti-microbial ingredients and being cleaner without wetness can make a big difference.

Clean Cheeks is a dermatologically tested and approved after toilet cleanser for men and women that contains anti-microbial ingredients. We recommend you use it:

  • After every bowel movement
  • Before bed and on waking
  • After exercise or anytime you break a sweat
Instructions for use: First wipe yourself softly with toilet paper. Then place a small amount of Clean Cheeks™ on some folded toilet paper. Place the lotioned paper directly to the area and wipe. Repeat the process until the paper returns clean. You may be surprised how much cleaner you can be when compared to toilet paper. Finally, if you have any excess lotion remove it with toilet paper. On completion the area should have a thin layer of protective Clean Cheeks™ lotion on it.