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I’d say it’s the only product I can find to clean the most sensitive part of my body with no nasty, harmful apparently corrosive chemicals in it. Even “sensitive” wipes with “no added chemicals” at considerable expense haven’t achieved what this little bottle has been able to. I love it! I feel moisturised afterwards. I’ve used wipes for years, but this is by far the best product I’ve ever found to do the job nobody seems to talk about (but everybody has to do). I really do feel a lot cleaner afterwards. Day 3, and I am full convert!!!

Amazing product – very easy to use with toilet tissue and very effective.
Has meant no longer buying moist toilet tissues and therefore 100% better for the environment without compromising on cleanliness or comfort. Would highly recommend and we will continue to use and recommend.

Fantastic product, has really helped with my itching and I feel so comfortable. It has made such a difference.

I am a bit of a shy toilet user (lol). I try not to go when I am outside of the comfort of my home, if I do need to go, I make my way to the closest shop and buy flushable wipes. At my home, I buy bulk packs of flushable wipes. I’m aware that even the flushable wipes are not that flushable and cause problems to our sewage system and pipes. I have been using CleanCheeks for around 2-3 months now, and I am pleasantly pleased. The overall wipe time has been reduced. I am using less plastic and resources than using wipes all of the time. The product is honestly really good. The formula is great, there is nothing harsh inside the bottle, and I believe (although I’m not qualified) it could be used for any/most skin types due to the ingredients inside. A small bottle will last a long time, making it more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly. It can be taken with you wherever you go. It makes toilet paper less harsh. I’m a big fan and will continue to use the product for many years to come, and where possible, I will recommend it to my friends 🙂

Much cleaner than using average toilet paper on its own. saves the hassle of trying to find flushable travel wipes for use outside of the home. No irritation. Will purchase again !