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Why everyone should be using Clean Cheeks

Be properly clean after the toilet.

The UK’s only personal hygiene lotion. It’s made of 98% naturally sourced ingredients, has anti-microbial ingredients, has been dermatologically tested and approved.

When you wipe with Clean Cheeks on your toilet paper you’re cleaner and fresher. Use Clean Cheeks for a cleaner more confident you.


I feel properly clean now. It’s portable and easy. 

This is a revolution from the bottom up!

Take the Clean Cheeks Challenge!

Wipe as usual. Then wipe with Clean Cheeks on your toilet paper. See and feel how much cleaner you can be.

We believe that once you try it you’ll like it so much that you won’t want to go back.

Before Clean Cheeks it was like wiping a marker pen! Seemingly never ending to get clean. With Clean Cheeks I’m cleaner and clean quicker.

OMG! Taking the challenge was something else. I can’t believe I used to think paper was enough to be clean. Ugh! Everyone should have Clean Cheeks!

Say NO to wet wipes!

Bad for the environment, bad for marine life, bad for the sewerage system, and bad for the planet. So bad they’re going to be banned.

Wet wipes ‘to be eliminated in UK’ in effort to save marine life.
Michael Gove

Secretary of State for Environment

Household wet wipes will be banished in the UK as part of Michael Gove’s crackdown on plastic being thrown away and damaging ecosystems, the government has said.

If they are outlawed, shoppers will no longer be able to buy the wipes, which are mostly made of polyester and contain millions of microfibres impregnated with chemicals.

Tens of thousands of wet wipes are sold in Britain each year, and despite public awareness campaigns, many are still flushed into lavatories, where they end up clogging mains sewers, and go on to kill fish in rivers and other marine life as the fibres are released.

~ The Independent Newspaper

Dermatologist Tested and Approved

Have peace of mind that Clean Cheeks has been independently tested, dermatologist reviewed, and dermatologist approved.

Not only is it over 98% Naturally derived it’s also been tested and approved.

As gentle on the skin as water

 Backing Our Product

We’re so confident that you’ll love Clean Cheeks that we’ve got a 14 day no-quibble money back guarantee. Simply return the product to us for a full refund.

Backing our confidence that you’ll love Clean Cheeks

No quibble
14 day
full refund

Try Clean Cheeks Today